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The team at Global Gaming Asset Management (GGAM) has played an integral role in the evolution of integrated resorts throughout the world.  With game-changing integrated 5-star resorts in their pedigree – a literal portfolio of iconic IR developments that transformed Asia and North America – the team has created beacons of international tourism and hubs of world-renowned entertainment, dining, shopping, and conventions.

The strength of GGAM’s team lies in its unrivaled expertise to successfully acquire, invest in, develop and manage world-class integrated resorts on a global basis.  In doing so, the team at GGAM has helped host cities realize their economic potential by creating thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenues which resulted directly from world-class IR development.

The value of GGAM’s team is readily apparent in the indelible relationships they have forged throughout the world to finance, design, build and manage sustainable and successful IR destinations – ones that elevate a city on to the world stage.

Between our principals’ over 100 years of hospitality/lodging, gaming, real estate, retail and entertainment experience and our financial and strategic partners’ experience, we believe GGAM is uniquely situated to be the premiere developer and operator of such properties worldwide. GGAM designs unique integrated resorts in harmony with the environment in which they are situated, capitalizing on and reinforcing the beauty of their natural surroundings and speaking to the needs, desires and cultural considerations of the populations that they serve. GGAM sets out to create precedent-setting, culturally sensitive, truly integrated resort developments that maximize economic impacts for the host city by creating jobs for local citizens, generating sales revenues for local merchants, attracting new customers and visitors to local businesses, and increasing development investment in local economies.

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