GGAM’s Financial Strength

GGAM is a joint venture between its three management principals (Bill Weidner, Brad Stone and Garry Saunders) and Cantor Fitzgerald, a storied U.S.-based financial institution with a global presence in the financial markets. Cantor Fitzgerald contributes significant capital resources to back GGAM’s acquisition and investment activities, and to support the operating activities of GGAM. In addition, Cantor Fitzgerald contributes personnel on a full-and part-time basis for such activities as corporate finance, strategy and business development.  Further, GGAM has the ability to tap Cantor Fitzgerald’s substantial intellectual capital in the financial markets and specifically with respect to real estate, gaming and lodging/hospitality, and to capitalize on its extensive reach and relationships in the global capital markets. GGAM’s leadership team participated in developing $15.5 billion of world-class integrated resorts in Asia and the United States and has long-standing relationships with investors, lenders and other market participants.  GGAM’s team prides itself on its pristine track record of success for debt and equity investors in its prior projects.  We believe our team is among the most credible capital markets professionals in the global resort sector. What does this mean to jurisdictions seeking an integrated resort development?  Taken together, GGAM’s development expertise and management capabilities along with Cantor Fitzgerald’s financial strength and market reach provide superior access to capital and the maximization of economic impact that can create thousands of jobs and generate millions in revenues for the local community.

As an example, during Weidner’s tenure as president of Las Vegas Sands, Inc., both Weidner and Stone along with top executives from LVS were successful in:

  • Creating approximately $53 billion of market value – the highest market cap in the history of gaming.
  • Generating $1.0 billion of peak EBITDAR from a standing start in an eight year period.
  • Developing properties that generated over $4.2 billion in cash flow in 2011