The Bottom Line

The executive team at GGAM includes leading experts in the fields of integrated resort design and development, site location, land acquisition, sophisticated resort financings, government regulation and oversight, resort, hotel and casino management, and economic development which maximizes benefits to the local community. The GGAM executive team’s portfolio of experience includes successful participation in the development and operation of integrated resort properties in Macao, Singapore, Las Vegas, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, and Africa. Collectively, the GGAM team has turned dreams into destinations that have literally revolutionized economies and shifted the paradigm of tourism and gaming around the world. With intensive use of analytics, the GGAM team focuses on yield management in all aspects of casino resort development and operations. No other gaming company provides the same level of senior executive hands-on involvement in these activities at a property level and projects led by the GGAM team have consistently yielded the highest returns on equity and operating margins in the history of the gaming industry. Over 30 years, the GGAM team, working on the most complicated projects in gaming history, has consistently attracted and assembled top-flight operational teams, even in previously untapped (or under-penetrated) markets such as Singapore, and now the Philippines. The team’s combined experience includes participation in having:

  • Opened and managed over 20 properties
  • Developed in 20 jurisdictions
  • Over 21,000 hotel rooms aggregate
  • Employed over 30,000 gaming and hospitality professionals
  • Deployed over $20 billion of capital
  • Over 100 years of collective experience by GGAM’s principals
  • Vast experience and expertise targeting international VIP clientele
  • Joint venture partner with Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Based in North America and Asia
  • Extensive experience working with both unionized and unorganized labor markets
  • Developed the largest group gaming business in the world