GGAM Success, Manila, Philippines

Solaire Manila, Philippines – As the leisure industry in Asia began to take off,  the Philippine government saw an opportunity to fulfill its long-standing vision to elevate the country’s international standing as a sought-after destination. GGAM was recruited for its operational experience to develop and manage the region’s first integrated resort complex, Solaire Resorts. Solaire Resorts is a five-star oceanfront property with neo-classical elegance and more than 165,000 square meters of world-class gaming, luxury brand retail stores and signature restaurants and bars. From 2011 to 2013, GGAM played an active role in both the day-to-day activities and management functions, including advising, mentoring, evaluating, interviewing, and hiring to ensure a successful launch of the resort. With GGAM’s significant contributions, Solaire Resorts turned a profit after only a few months of operations. GGAM is proud of its accomplishment and of the role it played in establishing this nascent market.