Success in Asia

The GGAM leadership team:
Part of the driving force behind some of
Asia’s most successful new resorts

The GGAM leadership team of Bill Weidner, Brad Stone, and Garry Saunders was instrumental in redefining integrated resorts in Asia. Through their association with Mr. Eric Chiu, they were integrally involved with the development of projects that have become regionally and globally iconic, including: The Venetian Macao, The Sands Macao, and The Four Seasons Macao. The affinity that this experienced team of executives has for Asia is displayed not only in the integrated resorts they helped build but also through the contributions these resorts have made to the regional economy and infrastructure. Examples include:

  • Establishment of a the high-speed passenger ferry fleet linking Hong Kong and Macao;
  • Creation of a dedicated purchasing company to procure construction and decorative materials in Asia thereby maximizing local production and economic benefits;
  • Building of educational facilities at The Venetian Macao for the University of Macao MBA Program to help local citizens pursue senior management positions in the field of hospitality and destination management.

By truly understanding the immense size and sophisticated scope of integrated resort projects, GGAM executives pursue the goal and precedent of drawing upon local sources to build cost-effectively and to maximize the economic benefit to the surrounding community. The multiplier effect endemic of a GGAM project not only creates thousands of jobs through various services and vendors but also increases tax and sales revenues for the local economy.  Put simply, GGAM projects generate tourism and entertainment dollars for years to come.